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Village des Pilles

Cultural heritage






The village "Les Pilles" is situated 6 km from Nyons, upstreams and is registered as "Bâtiment de France".

The village is divided in two banks. On the right bank, the old village crossed by one unique road around which, on both sides, are houses whose facades and doors date back to the 17th century for the majority of them. At the end of the road is the recent roman Church of 1870 and its somptuous stained-glass windows.
At this point, you cross the Eygues river on the stone bridge and end up on the left bank: you will notice that the houses of the right bank overhang the river with their balconies and their sunny terraces. It is also here that you will discover the ruins of the 14th century castle just above your head.

A must see:
- The Enchained boulder: three big old chains are stabilizing a tremendous rock above the aligned houses of the right bank.
- The local producers Market: on Monday evening from May to November