how to come

How to come

About two hours from Lyon and Marseille, we welcome you year round in Pays de Nyons. For your holidays or just a short stop, come and visit a region that won't leave you cold ...

By Train / TGV

Train stations: Orange, Pierrelatte, Montélimar

connecting buses:

- Orange to Nyons : Line 37 / Line 39

- Montélimar to Nyons : Line 36

By Plane

Airports of:

- Lyon St Exupéry

- Marseille

- Nimes/Arles/Camargue

- Avignon

connecting trains and buses

By the TGV Méditérannée

Train station:

- Avignon TGV take the connecting trains up to Orange and buses from Orange to Nyons : Line 37 / Line 39

- Valence TGV take the connecting trains up to Montélimar and buses from Montélimar to Nyons : Line 36

By car

Highway A7:

- exit Montélimar Sud (42 km), direction Grignan-Valréas-Nyons-Gap
- exit Orange centre (44 km), direction Sérignan-du-Comtat-Valréas-Nyons-Gap
- exit Bollène (40 km), direction Suze-la-Rousse-Tulette-Nyons-Gap

By the D994 :

- from Gap, direction Veynes-Serres-Rosans-Nyons

Travelling by bus...

Connection by buses between Nyons and the main cities in the surrounding…

- Regular shuttle TER and buses of the company TESTE between Montélimar and Nyons, correspondence with most of the trains coming from Lille, Paris, Lyon, Marseille. Passing by Grignan and Valréas. Line 36

- Buses between Nyons, Vaison and Orange - Line 37 / Line 39

- Buses between Nyons and Buis-les-Baronnies - Line 39

- Buses between Nyons, Rémuzat and la Motte-Chalancon - Line 37

- Buses between Nyons, Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux and Pierrelatte - Line 44  /  Line 45


Travelling within Nyons...

The city hall of Nyons has put in place NyonsBus, a minibus crossing the centre and the districts of Nyons city in order to facilitate the daily transport for everyone!

Nyons bus is:

  • 4 new bus lines going everywhere in Nyons. Almost 30 stops are created in Nyons.
  • Choice from: 5 tours per day per line from Monday afternoon to Saturday evening.
  • Every line is departing from the tourism office.
  • The network is entirely for free for everybody.

More information about the lines and hours of Nyonsbus ...

Travelling with Transdrôme...

Put in place by the Conseil Général de la Drôme, the Transdrôme is a taxi with reduced fare permitting to reach the hinterland nyonsais and the Baronnies; there are two services:

- connecting service on demand, from Monday to Saturday 08h00 to 21h00, the travel has obligatory be preceded or continued by transportation by bus or train. This service provides a connection by train or by bus - More information...

- regular service on demand. This service does not have to be preceded or continued by public transportation, this service permits clients going to a closeby city for their shopping, visit a medical practitioner, to visit friends… It functions on specific days and only in the morning.

The reservations for the Transdrôme service can be taken directly at the Tourism Office of Pays de Nyons through 04 75 26 99 66 minimum 24h in advance.


Free shuttle bus in Nyons, the Nyons Bus!